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Practice Areas

We are able to leverage the collective experience of our lawyers to provide legal solutions across all the key industry sectors to meet our clients legal needs.

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We provide transaction structuring and advisory services to Financial Institutions and other financial services firms with respect to their loan documentation, legal documentation of syndicated loan arrangements, security structuring and perfection of security documents. We manage the legal risk of our clients by advising on methods to optimise their collateral audit process. We provide legal support and documentation services on transactions relating to asset finance, project finance, real estate finance, trade finance, commodity and export finance. Also, we undertake debt recovery, receivership and insolvency assignments for Financial Institutions.

Our Firm provides business formation and registration services including registration of companies, partnerships, special purpose vehicles, joint ventures,
non-profit organizations and foundations. Our Firm is able to provide these services in other countries including the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and

We provide legal advisory services in relation to equity and debt issues. Our experience cover Public Flotations, Initial Public Offers, Rights Issues, Private Placements, Management Buyouts, Mergers and Acquisitions, Privatizations, Derivatives, Bonds, Debentures, Debt and Equity restructuring and Other Capital Market Transactions. We are familiar with the rules and regulations relating to the Capital Market. Our Capital Markets team includes a Solicitor who is a Chartered Stockbroker supported by others with robust work experience in relation to Capital Market transactions.

Our team has built depth of knowledge, expertise and experience in the practice of Corporate Governance. We make recommendations and assist our clients in designing appropriate governance frameworks that strengthens their Corporate Governance compliance level. In particular, we assist firm in the financial services sector in designing appropriate policies to limit their exposure to money laundering and terrorist financing risks. We also provide guidance on regulatory and compliance issues that may impact on small firms on the verge of transitioning into larger institutions. The extensive business management education and experience of our team is a source of added value for our clients as we provide general and specialised legal advice on company and commercial law related matters. Our Company Secretarial Services unit delivers unprecedented and unmatched value to our clients and this level of service is also available to our prospective clients.

Our firm has provided legal support services to companies involved in some of the major e-Commerce payment, non-payment, and electronic infrastructure solution development initiatives in Nigeria. Our e-Commerce legal support services cover  business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and Internet Commerce Transactions. Our legal services extend to electronic payments, switching services, online payments and m-Commerce.

Our firm provides specialist legal services and documentation required in the oil and gas value chain. We provide legal advisory, legal risk management and structuring advice to our clients from exploration, development, production, transportation, storage and sale. Our cutting edge legal and regulatory compliance services available to our client extend to the provision of company formation, foreign investment advice and authorisations, joint venture advice and documentation, and local content advice. We also provide legal advisory services to the power sector covering regulation and compliance, financing, generation, purchasing, transmission, distribution and consumption.

Our Estate Planning and Trust team will work with and support you by providing expert guidance in planning your Estate and creating Trust(s) where and when required. We will support you in structuring your estate according to your wishes in the most tax efficient manner that will ensure smooth transition in the control and management of the assets. If you do not have a Will, we will walk you through the preparation of a Will that meets all the legal requirements of a valid and legally enforceable Will. If you already have an existing will and need to make changes, our team will work with you to update the existing Will.

We advise and serve our clients in registering, securing and protecting their Intellectual Property rights in Trademarks,
Copyrights, Patents, Designs and Trade Secrets, Products, Brands and Logos. We provide these services across multiple jurisdictions.

PAC Solicitors has vast experience in the provision of value focused legal services and documentation for International Trade
and Investment Transactions.

Our Contracting, Special Projects and IT unit provides legal support, advisory and risk management services to participants in PPP projects as well as finance sourcing documentation for Infrastructure Projects. We suggest and structure appropriate contractual arrangements based on the regulatory environment and availability of finance to assist in the seamless execution of projects. We offer legal risk management and support services to various kinds of infrastructure projects including advising on the project structures including build operate transfer (BOT), build transfer operate (BTO), Build Own Operate (BOO), Build Lease Transfer (BLT), operation and maintenance (OM), and Transfer of Operating Rights (TOR), to deliver the PPP project. We also assist in the review of the request for proposal (RFP) document, setting up and registration of the appropriate project vehicle, obtaining authorisations and licences, and drafting the Concession contract. In managing project risks, we advise our clients at the design stage and on a continuous basis, on the importance of taking into account social, economic and environmental impacts of large scale development projects and suggest mechanisms for minimising these impacts. Because project risks change over the life cycle of a project, we assist our clients in highlighting these risks and suggest ways of managing them before they crystallise.

Our Contracting, Special Projects and IT Law unit is made up of seasoned and experienced personnel able to leverage on their wealth of practice experience to provide cutting edge legal advice and support services to our clients. Our team has been engaged in providing legal advice and support services on various IT Sourcing, Procurement and Implementation projects in Nigeria ranging from Public and Private Procurement of both Software and Hardware, Turnkey Technology Solution implementation, IT focused Public Private Partnership (PPP), Implementation, Support and Maintenance Services, Compliance Audit, and Outsourcing and Offshoring. Specifically, we have provided legal structuring and advisory services on some major IT Projects including the Bureau for Public Service Reform (BPSR) Project and World Bank financed Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (lPPIS) Project- Pilot Phase, the Consortium for the Administration of Salaries and Pensions (CASP) Project – Ogun State Civil Service Human Resource Management and Payroll Computerization, The National Identity Management Core and Front End Technology PPP Project, the Tax Identification Number (TIN) – Core Technology Acquisition and Implementation Project and The Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) – Core Technology Acquisition and Implementation project.

Our Firm’s
Litigation practice team consists of experienced trial lawyers . The team handle cases from mediation or arbitration to trial and appeals with the objective
of achieving the best results for our clients.

Our Firm’s commercial litigation practice is synchronized into our general commercial/corporate practice.

Our Firm’s strategic approach to service provision is from a legal risk management perspective. This means our primary focus is on dispute avoidance. However, where dispute inevitably arises, we approach dispute resolution using proactive methods that minimizes the dispute resolution cost and promotes business efficiency while seeking to achieve desired outcomes. Our team’s expertise, practical knowledge and experience of business management give us the critical edge to serve our clients in diverse commercial transactions through dispute prevention measures, mediation, arbitration and litigation.